Bulging Disc

Chiropractor Treatment for Bulging Disc

Individuals suffering from leg pain, back pain, abnormal function of lower extremities and excessive weakness in legs are generally diagnosed with bulging disc. Bulging disc is an intervertebral disc that is made up of outer, fibrous ring and central soft portion that receives nourishment through motion of vertebrae that moves fluids and bloods through the disc.

But if the movement does not occur, the outer ring of the disc becomes dry and gets tear that allows the soft portion of disc to bulge out. This is known as bulging disc, herniated disc, disc protrusion and slipped disc that can cause pain and discomfort.
The pain occurs when the bulge exerts pressure on exiting spinal nerve that causes inflammatory reaction and hence chiropractor treatment for bulging disc is very important for treating this condition.

Bulging disc in the lumbar is a very painful condition and you will need to look for a treatment option that will help in reducing the protrusion and bulging disc without the need of going for a surgery. Chiropractic treatment for bulging disc involves making use of traction and spinal manipulation for getting the desired result as it helps in relieving the pressure so that pain and discomfort can be reduced.

The symptoms of bulging disc are very serious. It can also lead to disability in certain extreme cases and hence it is important to treat this condition at the right time before it become serious issue. Bulging disc is a condition in which the disc herniates leading to the tearing of the outer covering of the disc that gets damage. It created a bulge in disc that bulges towards right as it is a location where nerve is located.

It is a very common spinal injury that affects a large number of people as it causes excruciating pain and other adverse effects. Bulging disc is caused due to age, disease and injury that makes the disc to protrude part edge of vertebra and chiropractic treatment is the best way of treating this condition as well as the symptoms associated with this painful condition.

Chiropractor treatment for bulging disc is the most popular alternative treatment that is safe, effective, drug free and non-invasive option for the pain sufferers. It is based on vertebral subluxation concept or the dislocations of vertebrae and surrounding joints that are responsible for pain as well as disturbances in health of an individual. JSG Chiropractic makes use of manual manipulation techniques for correcting these subluxations and restoring health of the patients. These chiropractic manipulation sessions are also known as adjustments that are supplemented with coaching on exercises, habits, lifestyles and holistic concepts. It is an alternative therapy that is used for treating bulging disc and it includes assessing the full medical history of the patients for finding the vital signs of the condition.

JSG Chiropractic will also perform tests for posture, reflexes and different physical markers for determining the cause of bulging disc. MRI or X-ray might also be done for finding out the extent of damage to the disc so that proper course of action can be adopted for treating this condition. Contact us today at JSG Chiropractic for a consultation.