Chiropractic Treatment For Back And Sports Injuries

Chiropractic Treatment For Back And Sports Injuries

Sports injuries and back injuries are inevitable for people who indulge in physically demanding or contact sports. These injuries are mostly caused by direct impact, overuse or application of more force than your body can structurally withstand. Younger athletes and women are more vulnerable to sport-related back injuries. 

Simple body exercises in our day to day workout routines such as swimming, bicycling and running can also expose us to back injuries. It’s therefore recommended to be aware of the type of strains each sport places on their back in order to help prevent such back injuries. Below are some of the more common types of sport-related back injuries.

Neck (cervical) injury

Some injuries are more common to certain sports than others. Neck injuries, for instance, are more common in football and wrestling. They mostly manifests itself as “stinger”, a type of neck injury. This neck injury is usually caused by the compression and stretching of the cervical nerve roots which results in a tingling or temporary unilateral numbness.

Lower back pain

Back pain is hard to diagnose due to the complexity and number of tissues and structures that lead to the pain. Most lower back pains are due to slipped discs which result from sports that involve repetitive impact or twisting motions such as running and playing golf respectively. You can also get a lower back injury from lifting too much weight in the gym or by use of wrong techniques when lifting weights. Although most lower back pains resolve on their own, you should be quick to seek medical help whenever they persist.

Upper back pain

Pains experienced in the upper back are mostly from muscle strains, misalignment of rib joints or due to the joining discs or facets to the cervical spine. Sports that are more likely to cause upper back pain include those that involve rotation of the torso. Such sports include tennis, swimming, and golf.

Warm-up and stretching prior to exercise: does it help?

Unlike warm-up exercises that are strongly recommended before indulging in any sport, recent studies have proved that stretching does not benefit you in any way when it comes to preparing your body for more involving activities such as playing football.

Warm up exercises, on the other hand, are known to increase blood circulation to the muscles and back ligaments thus preventing muscle cramps during exercise.

Although there are several medications available for treating persistent back injuries, most of these prescription medications do not completely heal the body. Rather, they cover and mask the resulting symptoms. The ideal way, therefore, would be to seek chiropractic treatment. 

Chiropractic treatment is a natural, drugless and non-invasive type of treatment that relies on identifying a way to fix the underlying root cause of a given ailment and allows the body to permanently heal on its own. This makes a difference between using painkillers to hide the pain and actually relieving the pain.

Chiropractic focuses on body misalignments and therefore highly recommended for treatment of sports injuries and back injuries. Are you living with discomforts or pains? If yes then you should give chiropractic treatment a try.

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