Chiropractic Electrotherapy

Chiropractic Electrotherapy is a method of chiropractic care that utilizes electrical impulses to treat a variety of debilitating discomforts. During electrotherapy, electrodes are placed on the skin in the affected area that send electrical pulses to those targeted areas of the body with the purpose of reducing inflammation, curtailing muscle spasms and relieving back and muscle pain. Although commonly used in conjunction with other therapies, electrotherapy is an effective tool on its own to reduce the pain and swelling associated with muscular injuries. Electrotherapy is also effective in increasing muscle tone due to atrophy, increasing circulation in the muscles, and triggering the pain relieving endorphins to the affected area.

Electrotherapy is procedure that is gaining immense popularity as an alternative to the standard medical techniques that is represented by the electro-stimulation therapy. It is a non-surgical method that helps you to achieve positive results in a short duration of time as it make use of electric current for stimulating the tissues for curing various illnesses and for recovering that lost functions of the body. It is very effective in the treatment of cartilages, bones, tendons and body cells for getting positive results with the use of electricity. It can also be called as a modern therapy that helps in treating various health problems as the use of electricity as it helps to accelerate the healing process.

Electrotherapy pain relief makes use of electrical energy for stimulating the muscles and nerves within your body for generating natural mechanisms for healing a wide variety of medical ailments particularly inflammation and knee pain. This stimulation can suppress the interleukin that is the cytokine that is responsible for regulating inflammatory and immune responses in the brain. It also releases endorphins that stimulates the Per-Aquaductal grey area of the brain and it also acts as on the pain receptors for reducing and possibly eliminating knee pain for osteoarthritis and arthritis sufferers.

Electrotherapy pain relief is a very effective medical treatment that also helps in treating muscle loss and pain as it is considered as the most effective and safest way of treating pain as well as other kinds of illness. This treatment involves the use of small electrical impulses for repairing tissues, stimulating muscles, improving muscle strength and increasing muscle sensitivity. Depending on your condition or injury, there are different forms of chiropractic electrotherapy that includes laser therapy, electrical nerve stimulation, transcutaneous, inferential therapy and ultrasound that can be used for treating different conditions. It offers a large number of benefits including increased muscle tone, pain reduction, improving circulatory system functioning and increasing rate and speed of absorption.

Electrotherapy is used for treating injuries associated with the swelling of the tennis elbow, sprained ankles as well as other sports injuries when direct or alternating current is applied to the muscles of the body tissues for stimulating the healing process in damaged areas. In this procedure, small electrodes are attached to skin for administering adjustable levels of electricity to the damaged areas and it helps in reducing the swelling of the muscles. It also helps in increasing the blood flow to affected areas for enhancing the entire healing process so that more nutrients and oxygen can reach the damaged areas for repairing the tissues. This treatment is also very effective in pain management as it interrupts the pain signals from brain through nerve pathways for preventing the feeling of pain. It also activates the production of endorphins as these are body chemicals that are primarily released for reducing pain when an individual is injured. Electrotherapy is also used for treating different neurological problems like stress and depression as it can also be used in conjunction with the other treatments like ultrasound and acupuncture