Exercise and Chiropractic Therapy

Exercise and Chiropractic Therapy

To effectively manage lower back pain, you need a combination of both strengthening and cardiovascular exercises. For those with heart complications, they need to get a recommendation from their care physicians to see if they can manage such exercises.

Before the program begins, precise guidelines are provided by our chiropractors on the appropriate exercise depending on the patient health condition. It is important for patients undertaking the chiropractic treatment to properly utilize exercises on daily basis.

Some of the benefits of exercise and chiropractic therapy are the following.

Scientific research indicates the power that lies in cardiovascular and strengthening exercises.

– They help in both chronic and acute lower back pain management.

– Makes the lower back stronger.

– They increase the quality of life.

– Strengthening of the abdominal muscles

Aerobic exercises aids in promoting proper digestion when combined with chiropractic care. They also help to promote muscle toning and improve blood circulation. All you need is a general walk around your neighborhood a few times a week. In addition, other household chores can effectively work as exercise programs.
Types of Exercises

There are various appropriate back cardiovascular exercises that are offered for patients who undertake chiropractic treatment to manage back pain. To determine the best exercise for a chiropractic patient, they are classified into two biased groups namely the extension and flexion.

  • Flexion deals with those patients who find pleasure in bending over. The appropriate exercises for such patients are those which enhance low back flexion. Examples include Forward bending when sitting, posterior pelvic leans, Knee pulling to the chest among many others which can be very useful

    • The extension biased comprises of least symptomatic patients. These are patients with centralized or weakening leg pain. The best type of exercise is the prone press-up which guarantees positive results.

Additional exercises include;

  • Firming up of the pelvic soothing muscles
  • Elongation of the adductors, hamstrings and other positioning muscles
  • Proprioceptive stability

Testified Effectiveness of Exercise in Chiropractic therapy

The CCGPP gave the following report of exercise on chiropractic care;

  • Substantial information backs up exercise to be effective in chronic low back pain treatments. Exercise functions just like other non-surgical procedures.
  • There is adequate proof supporting the use of controlled-activity exercise. This effectively works in job-related settings for the relief of sub-acute back pain.
  • There is also other evidence indicating the less effectiveness of exercises as compared with nonsurgical procedures. This is only for the case of acute back pain. It is therefore recommended for the chiropractors to carry out a fixated reevaluation of an exercise program just like any other treatment. One of the best ways to make such determinations is by the use of a spinal range of motion. This is an effective way to measure the efficiency of exercise program.

Exercise and Chiropractic Therapy is a holistic form of alternative treatment with no surgical forms of treatments. You don’t have to suffer from both acute and chronic lower back pain in silence. Get in touch with the JSG Chiropractic for a consultation and appointment anytime.

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