What Causes Neck Pain


The neck is one of the most integral parts of our bodies. Its structure consists of multiple vertebrae that extend right from the skull up to the thoracic spine or the higher torso. The major functionality of the neck is to support and balance the head with the help of the muscles, bones, tendons, and ligaments to enhance mobility. When the cervical spine is damaged or injury caused by it, some stiffness and pain will be the result. Neck pains are usually common to many individuals even though a few people obviously know the causes. Here is what causes neck pains;

1. Incorrect sleeping position
The pillow is considered one of the common causes of the neck related pains. Whether flat or large, ensure that the pillow that you are using does not cause excessive bending of your neck, and it should support you comfortably. Always ensure that your neck is not bent disproportionately upward or downwards when sleeping; your spine must always be in a straight line to avoid pain in your neck. Work on better sleeping position, and neck pains won’t be a bother to you.

2. Bad posture
Our posture, whether at work, walking or driving, will influence the condition of the muscles in the neck. Walking or sitting with shoulders hunched up is certain to lead to neck pain. So will sitting with the head tilted forward or to the side for a long period. Try to be aware of your posture at all times and keep the neck and head up straight and the shoulders relaxed. If sitting in front of a computer or TV, make sure that the screen is at eye level so that the neck isn’t bent for a long period.

3. Being overweight
Being obese, and even just overweight can lead to neck pain. As the body tries to support all the excess fat around the abdomen, a huge strain is put on muscles in the back and neck. This is especially severe when the person has a large, extended stomach. Besides the obvious health hazards of being overweight, neck pain is a common result. The obvious remedy is to lose weight and start an exercise program designed to strengthen the core muscles. It would be advisable to seek the advice of a qualified personal trainer or a health practitioner if you’ve not exercised for a long time.

4. Stress
Being stressed for long can make individuals hunch their shoulders, bringing about strain developing in the muscles in the neck, head, and back. This is a typical reason for neck pains. Monitoring stressing circumstances and attempting to limit their impact will help. Twisting the shoulders and the head, and in addition to turning the head from left to right repeatedly, may assist ease the muscles thus relieve neck pain. If engaged in pressuring chores it is advised to have regular breaks. Massage can also greatly help if the neck pain is extreme.

5. Repetitive or unusual movements
Unusual movements of the neck that are not usual like watching tennis which prompts unusual neck movement can also be a cause of neck pain. And even activities such as working with arms overhead for an extended period or painting a ceiling can likewise cause neck pain. There are also sports like swimming which calls for repeated side to side movement of the head resulting in neck pain. In these situations, it is advised that an individual takes breaks after every thirty minutes. During this break stretch the neck muscles to relieve strain on them.

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