Hydro Massage Therapy

Hydro massages are the best massages that you can imagine. They do much more than just alleviate muscle tension; they can eliminate and or severely reduce the stress of the daily grind. They are one of the few things in this world that are good for the heart, body, and soul. Hydro massage therapy is as relaxing as they are healing plus their recuperative powers are unbelievable.

Hydro massage therapy is more than just a relaxing dip in a hot tub; it involves plenty of other variables if they are done correctly. For instance, a neck massage can be had with a warm air pillow as you lounge around in the comfort of the sauna. The water jets, or hydro jets, can massage the body as it lounges in relaxing hot water. There are back massage systems as well as super jets designed to massage the human body.

Hydro massage therapy is very much a technique based on new age religions and philosophies, insofar as hydro therapy is as much about the health of the soul and peace of mind as it is about the relaxation of stressed out tense muscles. The theory is that if the mind is relaxed and free of problems, the body will also relax.
To further show the connection to the new age ideals that hydro massage therapy was founded upon, one must look at a recent phenomenon that is seriously being utilized as a part of hydro massages: aroma therapy.

Aroma therapy is very much in tune with new age ideals. Aroma therapy involves the use of incense, perfumed candles, potpourri, and so forth, to invoke a mood to help relax the mind and body. The idea is that, again, if you relax the mind, the body will relax as well. If there is a cessation of tension, there is no need for the muscles to tighten and contort.

Picture it. A rough day at work after an exhausting work out has caused your muscles to cramp, and now you come home to a house full of screaming kids, which further agitates you so that you cannot relax, and your muscles remain tightened and in pain. This is where the hydro massage therapy comes in. You start the hot tub, fire up some beautiful smelling incense and relaxing candles, slide into the hot tub and crank up the jets. Rest your head on a pulsating air pillow as relaxing music is fed into the quiet chamber. What could be more relaxing? Within a half an hour all of the tightness in your muscles, all of the stress will recede. You will be able to relax, and your muscle pain will disappear, for the time being. Of course, there’s still the houseful of kids and work to go to, but even a hydro massage can only fix so much.

Hydro massage therapy is very effective in treating different injuries and tensions in the body. It has proven great success in the past years, improving the health condition of millions of patients. It’s safe, painless and comforting. Should you have any back pain or muscle contraction, hydro massage therapy is the right solution for you. Contact us a JSG Chiropractic today for a consultation.