Trigger Point Therapy

Triggerpoint Therapy is a chiropractic therapy that combines both the electrotherapy TENS machine with ultrasound therapy to achieve pain and discomfort relief to specific areas of the affected muscle areas. Triggerpoint is effective at increasing blood flow to targeted areas to enhance natural healing. Triggerpoint therapy is used by our staff in conjunction with other therapies to treat a wide range of conditions including but not limited to:

    • Pain and swelling of the back
    • Muscle spasms
    • Joint pain
    • Specific muscle pain
    • Neck pain
    • Shoulder Injuries


When you have sciatica pain, whether it’s situated along your lower back, has traveled into the buttocks or has migrated down the back of the legs, you want that pain gone or at least to receive some relief from that sciatica pain. There are several options open ranging from temporary over the counter remedies, cold pack and heat packs to longer lasting epidural steroid injections of cortisone into the spine. Stretching exercises have proven to help by increasing muscle strength relieving pressure from the sciatic nerve in the affected area. Yoga also has shown to have positive benefits in this way.

Another method that can bring relief is called triggerpoint therapy. Basically pressure is placed on the area in question or the triggerpoint as it’s called. The chiropractors at JSG Chiropractic will use a ball or just the palm of their hand. The pressure can be applied anywhere from less than a minute to up to several minutes. For the method to be effective on your lower back or buttocks, tennis balls will be used as it would be difficult and awkward to try to exert enough pressure with your hands in that location. A smaller ball to start can be used if a tennis ball seems too large. Otherwise you can wrap the tennis ball in a towel or cloth for cushioning.

To start relieving tension along the spine and hopefully reduce the sciatica pain, lie on the floor and place the tennis balls on either side of your spine about at the midpoint or you can place them directly at the affected areas where the pain seems to be localized. Now slowly begin to move around on the tennis balls letting them massage your back. Work your way down to your lower back and around, then work go back up along the Try to relax. If you should feel any sharp or unusual pain than stop.
Your hips and pelvis area can also be massaged in this way. For this to work you need to place the ball begin your hips and a wall. It can be done in a standing position, but it will be easier if you lie down on the floor. You can start from the base of the spine or tailbone, then move it around to the back of the hips and finally to the sides. From here move it back to the top of the buttocks and the piriformis muscle. These triggerpoint massages can be done for up to several minutes, as long as they don’t cause any additional pain and actually seem to be helping.

The piriformis muscle can further be massaged as well as the buttocks or the gluteus muscles in this next position. For this one you will sit on the tennis balls with one in the center of each buttock or at the point of pain. You may also choose to use a smaller size ball. Make sure the ball is not too hard. You don’t want to cause any muscle damage to the area as your weight is centered just on these two small areas. Slowly start to move around on the balls from the tailbone down to the upper thighs. Another alternative especially when first starting out and if the affected areas are particularly sensitive is to use foam rollers. They are readily available at most department stores.

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