Neck Pain Chiropractor

Getting in an accident can have harsh physical consequences, but JSG Chiropractic can easily help fix them. What starts with whiplash from one’s head being thrown forward and back, turns to a muscle injury that moves to spinal tissues, which causes the CNS to lock spinal joints in an effort to “stop the bleeding”. The neck pain chiropractors at JSG Chiropractic can bring joints back to alignment, reduce pain and increase function.

Chiropractic care involves mobilizing the frozen joints using spinal manipulation, but only after the initial injury is stabilized. The goal is to return full function to injured spinal joints.

The acute phase of whiplash is considered to be the time immediately after the injury. The doctor works on reducing pain and inflammation with ultrasound therapy or some other types of therapy modalities. Gentle stretching and muscle energy therapy may be indicated by the doctor. Often ice is recommended and a lightweight neck support for a brief period. As the neck begins to improve the we will use gentle spinal manipulation to unlock the spinal joints and restore motion to the area. We also use non-surgical adjustment techniques that re-aligns the spine and often stops pain immediately.

The neck pain chiropractors at JSG Chiropractic will treat you to relieve your neck pain after an accident, they will examine the whole spine because regions other than your neck may be affected. The spine is usually divided into 3 parts which are the cervical spine (neck area), the thoracic spine (mid-back) and the lumbar spine (lower back). Using unique chiropractic diagnostic techniques such as motion and static palpation, our doctors can determine disc and ligament injury, muscle spasm and restricted joint motion. They can feel for tightness or tenderness, and will analyze your overall posture and how you walk to understand your body mechanics. They may take x-rays or an MRI if needed.

The neck pain chiropractors at JSG Chiropractic take a holistic approach to medicine and won’t limit treatment to your neck pain. They will have advice that should be followed on nutrition, therapy and exercises, and stress management that will augment your chiropractic treatment and help manage pain. Other techniques can help with pain and inflammation as well, such as ultrasound machines that can treat the particular tissue surrounding the injury, creating a warming effect on muscle tissue to boost circulation and reduce inflammation.

Our chiropractors are trained to find abnormalities associated with the facet joints of the neck. We then can manipulate or adjust these bones and joints back into position so they are aligned and move properly. Adjustments or manipulations usually involve a quick but gentle movement by the chiropractor’s hands to reposition the bones and joints of the neck. Additionally, our neck pain chiropractors may use physical therapy such as ice, heat and electrical muscle stimulation to aid and quicken healing to the damaged area.

In one research study, 364 patients with neck pain had manipulation treatment. Complete relief of pain and symptoms was obtained in 90% of the patients. This study shows chiropractic care is particularly indicated for neck pain! To determine if chiropractic care is warranted in the treatment of neck pain, a detailed history of the problem must first be taken. Next, a physical examination involving chiropractic, orthopedic, and neurological testing is performed. X-rays may also need to be taken to aid in the diagnosis. The information gained will then tell if the patient is suitable for chiropractic care of neck pain. Anyone with neck pain or discomfort should seek an immediate chiropractic examination not only to eliminate the pain but also to prevent possible long-term arthritic changes from developing.

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